0 Fee Promotion - Upmychain

0 Fee Promotion - Upmychain

0 Fee Promotion - Upmychain



From the 1st Nov. 2021, Upmychain will not charge any completed services & jobs of UMC FEE COMISSION to all Freelancers (0% Fee).


Terms of 0 Fee Promotion - Upmychain:

Freelancers can bid, propose, complete Services & Jobs on Upmychain.com, UMC will do not charge any Freelancers of upmychain service fee. (0%).
This promotion is applied to all new freelancers & current existing freelancers on upmychain.com
The Employers are not concerned by this promotion.
The promotion is exclusively dedicated to all services & jobs they've been posted after the start of the promotion, from 01/11/2021 until reached 100 new services or jobs completed in upmychain.com
The promotion can't be exchanged with money or other gift or benefits in kind.

This promotion doesn't include PAYPAL or Stripe fees for payin & payout.
During the periode of 0 fee promotion, the Refer & Earn program will not be applied to all Freelancers & Employers according royalties on the Upmychain's fees.
Upmychain reserves the right to change, cancel or stop this above conditions whenever we want.

0 FEE PROMOTION start from the 1st Novembre will take end from the 1000th

jobs or service completed.



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