5 High-paying Typing Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely

5 High-paying Typing Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely

Due to the rise in remote work and the demand for flexible work schedules, online typing jobs have grown in popularity recently. For improved convenience and work-life balance, these occupations give people the option to work from home or any other location with an internet connection.

Working from home and getting high-paying typing jobs has several advantages. First and foremost, these positions have the potential for top pay. They also permit a great deal of freedom because employees frequently choose their own schedules and work at their own speed. Also, working remotely as a typer eliminates the need to commute, saving both time and money on transportation expenses.

There are several possibilities to think about if you want to work from home as a high-paying typist. The top 5 remote typing positions are shown below.


  1. Transcriptionist

An expert who transforms audio or video recordings into written papers or transcripts is known as a transcriptionist. Excellent listening and typing abilities, as well as precision and attention to detail, are required for this position. There are specific prerequisites you must fulfill, like having the required education and tools, if you are interested in working as a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist needs to have strong typing abilities, exceptional listening skills, and a solid command of language and punctuation. Although this position has no formal educational qualifications, some companies choose applicants who have completed a transcription course or program.

A headset, transcription software, and a computer with fast internet access are required of a transcriptionist. Some employers could also insist on a foot pedal for audio playback control.

Prior transcription experience is highly valued by many businesses, particularly in the fields in which they specialize.

A transcriptionist's typical salary can vary depending on their level of expertise, where they work, and the kind of transcription they do for a living.

The median annual salary for transcriptionists in the United States was $34,770 as of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although the bottom 10% made less than $23,860 annually, the top 10% made more than $53,220.

The transcribing sector has considerable potential for expansion. With experience, transcriptionists can advance to management or supervisory roles or choose to specialize in a particular sector, such legal or medical transcription.

Transcribing audio or video recordings that don't require specific knowledge or terminology is known as general transcription. Typically, this kind of transcription is the easiest and lowest paying.

Depending on their degree of experience, general transcriptionists can expect to make between $15 and $25 per hour.

Transcribing audio recordings of medical dictations, such as patient histories, medical reports, and surgical notes, is the practice of medical transcription. Medical terminology expertise is necessary for this type of transcribing, which pays more than regular transcription. Depending on their degree of experience, medical transcriptionists can expect to make between $20 and $30 per hour.

Legal Transcription: In legal transcription, audio recordings of court hearings, depositions, and meetings are converted into written text. Legal terminology knowledge is necessary for this sort of transcription, which pays more than other types. Depending on their level of experience, legal transcriptionists can expect to make between $25 and $40 per hour.


  1. Data Entry Clerks

By entering, maintaining, and updating data into computer systems, data entry clerks play a crucial role in many firms. Strong typing abilities, accuracy, and attention to detail are required for the position. There are several types of data entry jobs, prospects for growth, and abilities you must possess if you want to pursue a career as a data entry clerk.

Typing Speed and Accuracy: When entering data into computer systems, a data entry clerk needs to type quickly and accurately.

A data entry clerk needs to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the data is accurate and comprehensive.

Computer Proficiency: A data entry clerk must be adept at using database management software and other computer programs.

A data entry clerk needs to be well-organized in order to manage vast amounts of data effectively.

Depending on the region and business, data entry clerks might earn a variety of hourly wages. The median hourly pay for data entry clerks in the United States was $16.10 as of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the bottom 10% made less than $10.52 an hour, the top 10% made more than $24.49 an hour.

The data entry sector has tremendous potential for expansion.

With experience, data entry clerks can advance to management or supervisory roles or choose to specialize in a particular sector, such the legal or medical sectors.

Input of numerous forms of data, including names, addresses, and phone numbers, is required for general data entry. On freelance websites, job boards, and through staffing firms, you can discover generic data entry work.

Entering patient information into electronic health records is known as "medical data entry." Hospitals, clinics, and businesses that provide medical transcription services all have data entry positions available.

Legal Data Entry: Legal data entry entails entering legal documents like agreements, court filings, and pleadings.

Legal data entry positions are available in law firms, legal transcription businesses, and government organizations.

Accounting Data Entry: Accounting data entry entails entering financial information into accounting software, such as invoices and receipts. Accounting firms, bookkeeping services, and corporate finance divisions all have data entry jobs available.

  1. Captioner

Professionals known as captioners convert audio and video content into written form so that those with hearing loss or others who prefer to read along with the audio can access it. Excellent typing abilities, a solid command of syntax and spelling, and familiarity with captioning software are requirements for becoming a captioner.

Captioners often make between $20 and $35 per hour, and as you gain expertise and specialize in particular areas like legal or medical transcription, your pay may increase. Companies that employ captioners include Vitac, Rev, and CaptionMax.

  1. Independent Writers

Since writers spend the majority of their time typing up articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and other sorts of content, writing professions can in fact be categorized as typing jobs. Depending on their degree of experience and the kinds of writing tasks they accept, freelance writers can make an average of $30 to $50 per hour or more.

You need a great portfolio, exceptional writing abilities, and familiarity with the writing field you wish to specialize in in order to start working as a freelance writer. Copywriting, technical writing, content writing, and creative writing are all writing positions that can be completed remotely.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) are experts who work remotely to help businesses and people with administrative, technical, and creative support. To succeed as a VA, you must possess strong communication and organizational skills, be an expert user of productivity software, and have a solid grasp of social media marketing. Virtual assistants typically make $15 to $25 per hour, with room for growth as you hone your skills in particular areas like e-commerce or event planning.

Virtual assistants are capable of managing activities including email management, appointment scheduling, bookkeeping, and social media administration.


Consider specialized fields like medical or legal transcription, captioning, or closed captioning if you're seeking for high-paying typing employment. Also, you can look for remote employment on job boards like upmychain.com, Indeed, Remote.co, or FlexJobs as well as freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. Finding high-paying typing jobs can be aided by networking with industry experts and developing a solid portfolio.


Are you an adept typist looking for a lucrative career you can perform from the convenience of your home? Look nowhere else! We've compiled the top 5 high-paying typing jobs in this article, from transcriptionist to data entry specialist.

The appeal of working from home has never been greater, and typing jobs provide the ideal chance to make a good living while taking advantage of the comfort and flexibility of your home office. It's simple to discover a typing job that matches your talents and interests because there are so many various sorts of typing jobs accessible. Explore the world of typing jobs right away to start making money!

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