7 Best Ways Of Interacting With Clients In Freelance

7 Best Ways Of Interacting With Clients In Freelance

The bedrock of every successful relationship is proper communication. Relationships can be either informal or formal. The relationship between a freelancer and a client is a formal one. Therefore the pattern of communication in an informal relationship is completely different from that of a formal relationship. The beginning of success in freelancing can be traced back to how early freelancers built their communication networks. The way you talk to your pal should be different from how you talk to a client. Without mincing words you should know and understand that clients are humans like you. They are not robots and therefore deserve some level of closure too. You really have to be emotionally intelligent in order to maintain good communication with clients. Your communication with clients determines your relationship with them and your relationship with them will ensure your success in freelancing. This means that proper communication produces a double multiplier effect on your freelance career. Firstly, it builds your relationship with clients. Secondly, it ensures that you succeed by constantly getting more gigs from these clients. Owing to the fact that freelance does not exist in isolation, freelancers are expected to maintain a good working relationship with clients through effective and efficient communication. You must learn how to interact with clients when you need to land gigs, how to communicate with them while a job is ongoing and even after the completion of work. A good communication technique will help you conquer conflicts and erase the chances of getting into trouble with clients. It has already been established that a happy client will keep coming back with more jobs. Again, your job is only said to have been truly done when the client is satisfied. Now tell me, irrespective of your good output, do you expect the client to be satisfied when you cannot properly communicate with them? Your output is just as good as your ability to communicate. Bad communication will negate all your good work. 

In this article, I have put together some of the best ways of communicating with clients for effective freelancing. You must not overlook any of these factors no matter how little they seem. In freelance, every little thing counts. When you are able to communicate well, you stand to excel in the world of freelancing. If freelance communication is worth it, then communicate right. Let's have a quick look at some of the best ways of communicating with clients.

1.Be Polite

If hurtful words can get a child so sad and worked up, how much more a client who has no personal relationship with you? The biggest mistake you'd make as a freelancer is to use hurtful or insulting words on clients for whatsoever reason. Sometimes a client might get on your nerves and you'll be tempted to lose your cool. Please don't! You must understand that being polite does not cost a thing. There's no one in the world who is undeserving of gentle, kind and polite words. As a freelancer you must learn to communicate in a very polite manner with clients. There's no trophy for sounding bossy and mean. We already know that you are your own boss as a freelancer but learn to communicate politely with clients as if you are their employee. That works like magic. You are massaging their ego and the reward is usually huge.

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2. Be Firm, Bold And Confident

Being firm and confident in communication with clients is not the same as being rude. You must know what you want and be firm about it without necessarily coming off as rude and uncouth. Freelancers are expected to be sure of themselves. No client will accept to give jobs to a freelancer who is unstable and unsure of himself or herself. You must talk to clients in a manner that reeks of confidence and boldness. Be very sure of what you can do and let it be visible through the confident expression of yourself. Be able to express yourself firmly and confidently to clients. This is the best way to command respect from clients and land gigs comfortably. Clients are always on the lookout for freelancers who are sure and confident of themselves and can express that effortlessly. You must therefore learn how to communicate with clients with confidence.  

3. Make Your Words Your Bond

Proper freelance communication stems from being completely honest with clients. When you say one thing, you must stand by it. Even the holy book talks about the instability of a man with double tongue. You have not communicated at all when you do not mean what you say. Every freelancer must say what they mean and mean what they say. Don't ever give room for doubts to clients. Always come out clean. Ensure that your words are exactly what they appear to be and there's no sugarcoating anywhere. Don't say something you are unsure of. This is what true freelance communication means - saying what you mean and meaning what you say. 

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4. Be Direct And Formal

When you are communicating with clients,

always bear it in mind that they are neither your high school mates nor college pals. You have no business asking a client about his personal life or relationship or family or religious belief. This is a no no! You must be very formal and direct. Talk about the job and how you intend to accomplish it. Tell the clients what you need to carry out the job and be willing to assist where need be. Don't talk about what the client does not talk about. You are merely communicating with the client in order to get a job done. Don't overdo things and don't run your mouth like a loose pipe. Learn to be modest and moderate in your communication. Learn to follow the client's lead in your communication with him or her. Learn to be direct, formal and straight to the point.

5. Talk Like A Friend

As long as you are not going to get too informal and close to a client, nothing stops you from making them feel at home while communicating with you. Being formal does not mean you should come off as difficult to talk with or even scary. You must be able to make the client feel free to talk to you. You don't have to be a friend to the client first before talking like a friend to him or her. Always remember that you have a relationship with the client already by virtue of work, albeit an informal relationship. Nevertheless, there's still a form of relationship there. Learn to communicate with the client in such a way that they feel like they are talking to a friend from way back. This does not mean you should ask them personal or irrelevant questions. Understand that this is not about what you talk to the client about but how you talk to them. So you might only just be talking to the client about work but you'd go about it in a manner that's so welcoming, accommodating and friendly. That's the difference between a successful freelancer and an unsuccessful freelancer. In communication about work, the client should have a friend in you.

6. Sell Yourself

Nobody can talk about you more than you can talk about yourself. You are the only one who has the ability to properly market your abilities and skills to clients through effective communication. You don't have to wait for anyone to tell clients what you do. Talk about it yourself. Tell the clients all the amazing things in the world about you and how effective you are in delivering jobs. In your communication, sell yourself. There's no dignity in keeping quiet about what you can do. Sell yourself shamelessly like a whore without being sorry. Clients love it. They appreciate freelancers who give them reasons to entrust their jobs in their care. This is the essence of freelance communication in the first place. Freelance communication in reality is your ability to sell your digital skills to clients through simple, polite, persuasive and effective communication mechanisms. Learn to sell your skills to clients through excellent communication techniques.

7. Appreciate The Client

Without the client, there will be no freelance. In your communication, ensure you make the client feel appreciated. Make them realize that irrespective of your expertise and great job delivery, you are grateful that they gave you the chance to handle their project. Don't ever make it look like you're the only freelancer in the world. Show as much appreciation as you can to the client. Your words should be filled with gratitude and grace. Clients love to feel appreciated no matter how little their pay is. In fact, your service delivery is incomplete without communicating in clear terms your gratitude to the client. This too is vital. 

Easy Answers

  1. Be polite
  2. Be firm, bold and confident
  3. Make your words your bond
  4. Be direct and Formal 
  5. Talk like a friend
  6. Sell yourself
  7. Appreciate the client

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