Advantages of Building Your Business Network on Upmychain

Advantages of Building Your Business Network on Upmychain

Nothing is as hard as recruiting for businesses. In most cases, employers spend so many days going through applications, vetting potential candidates to find the perfect person for one or more positions hopefully.

Even more challenging is that employers still create an attractive culture and business environment for new employees.

Lucky for you, there's a way to lessen this burden. A refer-and-earn campaign program like upmychain allows the current employees to do a lot of work for you. Undeniably, happy employees will have no problem spreading the word about vacant positions to their close ones.


Sounds pretty great, right? Here are reasons to consider building your business network in an employee referral program. Read on.

Saves Time off Hiring

Efficient processes are a significant bonus for most businesses. Besides, nobody has any time to waste in a fast-moving world anymore, primarily recruiting and hiring.

However, hiring referred candidates can save you more time in the entire process. It will speed up the process by cutting out additional screening phases and focusing only on those requiring closer examination and negotiation.

Reduce Recruiting Costs

Time equals money. Therefore, saving time for recruiting a new employee equals saving more money to spend on the process. Look at it this way; you don't need to spend a dime having people refer others your way for the job vacancy.

With UpMyChain, it understands your business better; hence making it cost-effective is bringing qualified candidates your way. Better still, it will offer rewards for those that prefer their services to others in finding jobs.

Still, even the incentives won't match what the employer spent in the whole recruitment process.

Create a Dedicated Team

When current employees refer people to your business for the open position, creating a dedicated team becomes significant. Better yet, the benefits are two-fold;

First, the current members feel trusted and valued in steering the business forward. Plus, when the referral qualifies for the job, it will generate a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Secondly, referred employees already feel engaged from the start because they have someone on the inside. It becomes safer and more accessible to blend in with the business culture because of the buddy already in.

Generally, using refer and earn program is a great way to enable employee connections that build the company's togetherness.

Boosts Employee Retention

When people use reliable referral programs to find jobs for their friends, it becomes a guarantee of a long-term employment contract. This means that employees who get jobs via referrals tend to work with the companies more than those through other channels.

Hiring employees who start with a tight company grasp due to a referral is a great way to retain them. Most importantly, it reduces turnover significantly, which saves costs, time, and even resources necessary when starting afresh.