Android or IOS: Which Platform Is Better For Your Mobile App?

Android or IOS: Which Platform Is Better For Your Mobile App?

Applications are being developed every day to boost businesses and make their services easy to reach. This is a great way to reach out to customers as well as make your services more available. Developing an application requires one to understand its operation and ensure it is well structured for consumer use. When creating an application, there are only two valuable choices that you can go for, Android and IOS. The android operating system is quite different from the iPhone operating system, which makes it important for one to make the right choice. Beware the determining factors that should help you settle on the right platform when creating a mobile app.

Cost and convenience 

Compared to IOS, android is easy to work with and does not require much action from the app developer. Android can be used in different gadgets, mobile phones, and computers. This makes it easy for an android developer to take less time to create apps compared to the iPhone operating system. To access an IOS, you need to have particular gadgets and perform various functions before you settle on the best results. This might be time-consuming and even require a lot of money when handling maintenance of the mobile apps.

Purpose of the mobile app

The major reason why app developers come up with these mobile products is for profitable reasons. However, there are other benefits;

Improvement of services

Some businesses and organizations opt for mobile apps not because they are not experiencing growth but because they want to improve their services. For example, freelance marketplaces approach freelance app developers to develop applications that help the user reach their accounts fast. A freelance mobile app can help notify you of messages and job postings other than visiting the site using a computer.

Marketing strategy

Most business owners who prefer e-commerce make use mobile apps to list their products, services and help their customers place orders with ease. This is one of the ways that consumers have been able to assess products from different parts of the world.


Mobile apps, especially those used by financial institutions, help the customer reach services by simply logging into the application. This is far much better than visiting the institution physically.


As an application developer, it is important to understand that you are creating the app for other consumers and not yourself. The research was previously done by an IOS developer who concluded that applications made from this system might be limited to other users. There are geographical locations that tend to prefer the use of android gadgets rather and iPhone gadgets. This is because android gadgets are cheap and readily available; choosing to make mobile apps with IOS requires particular customers to approach this product. This makes apps made with the android platform readily available and quite affordable to acquire and maintain.
Also, on the other hand, it is more evident that iPhone users tend to make purchases of the products listed on the application compared to android users. This calls for the IOS app developer to understand the type of products they require to sell and set a favorable rate. It is also important to ensure that you are financially stable for the release of your application. For android applications, the user only needs to have quality and offer all the necessary details to have it launched. IOS-developed apps take longer and require more money than android.
The argument on whether to go for android or IOS is usually based on the developer's needs. It would be best if you understood the purpose of your mobile app and were financially stable to fund your project.