Best Tips to get freelancing jobs on

Best Tips to get freelancing jobs on

Best Freelancer Tips For Beginners is an independent freelancing Marketplace that match businesses with freelancers, agencies, and talents, and the globe. connect everyday employers and Freelancers around the world. In marketplace, employers can hire trusted freelancers to work in fields such as Writing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design Freelancer, Procurement, Finance, management, Consulting, Cyber Security, Engineering, ISO, sales, accounting and legal services, etc.

Are you going to wait for a client to contact you and hand over a job on a silver platter? Or are you going to buckle down and look for your next freelancing job? Instead of listing down a bunch of websites, I’ll show you how to use and its tools in this list to get you a freelance job within a few minutes. There are Best Tips to get freelancing jobs on and they includes:

Register on Freelancing Platform:

To register, go to and register on the platform as a freelancer using your email address, name, and profile picture.

Find Your Niche

The more you focus on specific skill sets, the easier it will be for you to grow your business. Specializing makes you an expert in that specific field, and you can build a portfolio that showcases your talent. 

Create a Perfect profile and build your Portfolio:

Improving your profile is one of the best things you can do to get more jobs on Upmychain. Successful profiles are 100% complete, detailed, and describe your services and accomplishments in a compelling way. Your profile offers you the opportunity to advertise your freelance business to potential clients by emphasizing your skills and expertise. Use your portfolio to showcase your skills and expertise. Use the portfolio descriptions to provide background and tell a story about how each piece in your portfolio helped solve a client’s problem. You can include samples of past projects, case studies, screenshots, testimonials, or anything that demonstrates your work quality.

Stay active on the platform

The goal is to have clients seeking you out, but you need to be active until that point. You need to constantly and consistently review the newly posted opportunities on Upmychain

Improve your proposal and Focus on the Client:

Writing proposals for jobs you find on Upmychain is a skill that takes practice. Clients are looking to hire freelancers who can help them solve a problem that they can’t solve themselves, and they want to know how you can do it. Make sure to focus on the client and their situation. Explain how you’ll provide value to the client. Instead of making your profile, proposals, and communication all about you, make it about them.

When writing a proposal, avoid using templates, and don’t copy and paste the same thing for each submission. Project proposals should be unique and specifically focused on how you can help the client. Keep your pitch short and direct; 100-300 words will typically tell the client everything they need to know. It is also very crucial to respond within 24 hours if you get a reply from a potential client