Fortnite Freelancing: Opportunity for Every Freelancer

Fortnite Freelancing: Opportunity for Every Freelancer

Are you familiar with online video games? Do you like playing games like PUBG, FIFA and Fortnite? Are you a freelancer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you! 


Fortnite Freelancing is a general concept, or slang, for freelance jobs online usually related to the popular online video game known as Fortnite, which was created in 2017 by Epic Games, a North Carolina-based game developer. It is very understandable if this sounds weird to you. Perhaps you find it quite difficult to establish a relationship between freelance jobs and a video game, right? Right. Don't worry, we have you covered. Upmychain is a freelance marketplace where you can hire expert freelancers for all your Fortnite projects. You can read more about hiring freelancers for your business here.

What is Fortnite? 

Fortnite is a free-to-play online game centered on player survival while using two popular modes to make the gaming experience more exciting - Save The World and Battle Royale. Fortnite rose to become a very popular online game after introducing Fortnite Battle Royale, an action-packed experience in which 100 players compete in a survival mode where only one player wins - the last man standing. Like every other online video game before it, players can form squads, chat with each other by text or voice in real time.

Fortnite Battle Royale took online gamers by surprise, accumulating about 45 million user base on a global scale in 2018. The game uses a storytelling approach to differentiate modes of play into chapters and seasons. Basically, all characters used in the game are cartoonish. In-game currency, known as V-bucks, purchased by players with real currency, is used to buy in-game items such as shields and armor. To beat scale, Fortnite developers ensured that the game is available across different devices, including PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, iOS and Android. 

What opportunity lies in Fortnite Freelancing?  

Fortnite freelance jobs are unique and in high demand. What this means for you as a freelancer is that you can sell services for clients who may be players of the game or have built a community around the game. In this article, we will focus on the most popular freelance jobs in high demand built around the game Fortnite. There is so much opportunity for freelancers in this game. Let's look at what this means for freelancers across different fields.  

1. Content Creators/Editors/Writers

The job of a content creator and writer is to bring ideas to life with words and sentences by creating meaningful, written content that is related to a particular topic or niche. This article you're reading right now is an example of a content created by a content writer. Online writing jobs have taken a new turn. Does video game writing sound familiar to you? Fortnite writers are excellent communicators, both in written and verbal English, often tasked with creating written content such as guides and articles related to Fortnite. They engage the audience by writing quest contents related to Fortnite and also provide written support, such as tips and guidelines.

Other contents by expert Fortnite writers include detailed game guides, interviews with game professionals, general Fortnite news, new seasons and chapter reviews, Fortnite in-game skin guides, and any other speculations. Pay ranges from $10-$30/hour. Having an excellent knowledge of the game and being an active player is a plus for this role. This is a great opportunity for freelance content writers

2. UX Designers

Fortnite is an ever evolving game. The look and feel of the game right now differs from what it used to be when it was first introduced in 2018. Fortnite UX Designers are mid-level, intermediate and experienced designers who focus on user experience. They are interested in finding out how a gamer and what he/she thinks after interacting with Fortnite. The demand for UX Designers is very high.

Basically, the job of a UX Designer involves building design systems, ensuring consistency across multiple screens, creating wireframes, building interactive prototypes, user stories, customer journey maps, information architecture, competitive analysis, accessibility standards, before handing off to visual designers, game designers and programmers. Freelance UX design jobs are also paramount in this area. As a freelance UX Designer, you stand a chance of earning a decent income working to improve the look and feel of Fortnite. Again, having an excellent knowledge of the game and being an active member in a Fortnite community gives you an edge. 

3. Fortnite Character Artists

A character artist is often the go-to-guy for creating stunning game characters such as heros, enemies, and the entire gaming environment. As a character artist, you design game skins, create unique character abilities, and prototype your designs in 3D. Game character artists are in high demand.

Freelancers well versed in this field earn decent money designing characters for game development companies across the globe. As a Fortnite character artist, designing characters in the game is your sole job. Most character artists have a strong understanding of color theory, human anatomy, and a good command of traditional drawing.  

4. Fortnite Coach/Tutor 

A lot of employers are hiring Fortnite talents across the globe to teach and coach newbies on how to play the video game Fortnite in online communities. Most parents will hire Fortnite coaches for their children while hoping that they will stand a chance to qualify for a scholarship in ESports.

As a freelance Fortnite tutor, you'll earn good money coaching aspiring Fortnite gamers on the tips and tricks needed for survival in the game and how to spot the best equipment, armor and guns. The major priority here is mentoring gamers on survival skills. Well, it seems your obsession with video games can still fetch you some side cash in this era. According to Business Insider, the pay for Fortnite tutors ranges from $20-$30 per hour. 

5. Graphic Designers

Visual presentation of ideas is a great way to share information across the globe while utilizing brand identity. Skilled graphic designers create digital art from conceptual ideas. The demand for graphic designers is pretty high. You can read about other freelance skills in high demand here. A Fortnite graphic designer creates thumbnails, memes, banner art, illustration, posters, flyers and what have you. Fortnite communities and channels like Twitch and YouTube dedicated to providing only Fortnite-related contents need these pieces of art for building an exciting viewer base. 

6. Game Designers/Programmers 

Pause and take a deep breath. Do you know that game programmers get paid more than regular website developers? Read again. Game designers earn more money than website designers. A game designer does both the job of a character artist and a programmer. He/she writes scripts from conceptualized ideas, creates plots, writes code, designs storyboards and animated characters.

As a game designer, you might work with your own ideas or use an existing script. They often collaborate with quality assurance testers, programmers, developers, and animators. Although game development takes months and sometimes years, you can work as a freelance game designer, collaborating with others in your team to produce a game within a speculated budget and time frame.

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