Freelance And Africa

Freelance And Africa

Freelance is a remote work model where individuals called freelancers carry out jobs and render services to other individuals called clients and get paid for the job done without any need for a physical meeting. All freelance transactions ranging from jobs to payments are usually done online without any involvement of physical meetups.

Africa is one of the seven continents in the world. It is undoubtedly the second largest continent in the world and is richly blessed with abundant natural resources and human capital. Africa contains 6% of the total geographical area and 20.4% of land area of the world. Africa is surrounded to the North by the Mediterranean sea, to the Southeast by the Indian ocean , to the West by the Atlantic ocean and the Suez Canal and to the Northeast by the Red Sea. This is one evident reality that makes it possible for Africa to be filled with a lot of natural resources ranging from graphite to crude oil and gold and many others. Africa also has a growing population; this makes it possible for the increasing number of human resources which are in abundance in Africa. Africans have also embraced education and are well-known travellers all over the world. To a large extent Africans are exposed.

Sadly, most Africans are leaving their countries to the developing countries of Europe and the Americas. The reason being that they are in search of greener pastures perhaps in agreement to the saying that the grass is always greener on the opposite side. What has freelance got to do with Africa specifically? Freelance has bridged the gap between Africans working abroad and those still in their homestead. Through freelance, an African can actually work for a foreign client or foreign firm and earn in foreign currencies. This means that the exact reason most Africans are travelling to foreign countries is being achieved by other Africans who are still in Africa and from the comfort of their homes. This is the power of freelance and the role it is playing in Africa and for Africans. 

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Why You Should Hire A Freelancer From Africa

If freelance makes it possible for an African to enjoy the same privilege that abroad-based Africans are enjoying, then why wouldn't they be committed and loyal? African freelancers are among the most dedicated, trusted and loyal freelancers. Considering the fact that there are Africans who desire to travel out too but are unable to do that, freelance provides them with an escape route from their current reality. What do you expect from such people? Nothing other than dedication, loyalty and commitment. This is exactly why most African freelancers are among the most sought after. Freelancers from Africa will offer you top notch services that are garnished with utmost commitment and dedication. Nature abhors vacuum. Freelance is filling a vacuum that serves as a lifeline to most Africans. It is just natural that these Africans will not joke with such a privilege. African freelancers go the extra miles to acquire new skills through training, webinars, interactions and experiences. They do this to ensure that they are able to meet the client's needs satisfactorily and to enable them to enjoy continuous patronage. Every client has naturally become interested in engaging African freelancers for these reasons and more.

Why Freelance Thrives In Africa

Africa is the most fertile soil to try out new discoveries. This is because Africans are very welcoming, eager-to-learn and easy-to-adapt people. Africans have their minds open and willing to try out new opportunities that are presented to them. This is why freelance is thriving in Africa.

Freelance is also thriving in Africa because Africa is made up of undeveloped and developing countries and such countries have less job opportunities relative to the population of their citizens. That being the case, freelance presents Africans with a new job opportunity. However, this is not a traditional job but a self-dependent form of rendering services without necessarily being answerable to anyone. Why wouldn't freelance thrive in Africa when Africans who are longing for jobs are presented with something bigger and much better than mere jobs in the form of freelance? Statistically, Africans constitute the top three highest people doing freelance even though freelance is relatively new to Africa.

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Africa; Home Of Freelance

Freelancing has come a long way in Africa. As a client, you can always be rest assured of getting your jobs properly done when you engage an African freelancer. As an African freelancer, you have to acquire as many skills as you can and get enough exposure and experiences to enable you to serve as a worthy freelancer. You must also pursue your freelance career at UpMyChain if you are going to enjoy great success. Freelance and Africa is like a match made in heaven and can only get better. This is also a commendation to freelancers for being humane and unbiased in their dealings with others. Freelancers and clients alike do not segregate nor discriminate against others for race, ethnicity and nationality. Africa and Africans have benefitted immensely from this and today Africa has become the home of freelance. 

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