How Are Freelancers Adapting To Their Work After The Lockdown

How Are Freelancers Adapting To Their Work After The Lockdown

A significant part of the labor force started freelancing for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic. In the U.S., around 10% of freelancers began freelancing any time in six months after the pandemic. Currently, 28% of freelancers, about 10% of the U.S labor force, stopped working as freelancers due to the COVID crisis. This brings us to wonder, how are freelancers adapting to their work with all the safety protocols out in place to help stop the spread of the virus?


The pandemic severely hit the freelance business. It is high time that freelancers realize the importance of diversification. Build multiple income streams as a freelancer. This protects your income when the unforeseeable happens. It smooths out bumps for you and helps you maintain a higher level of stability. Find new ways to build a client base or consult in a different industry.

Emergency Funds

If you haven’t established an emergency fund as a freelancer, you might get in trouble with the Lockdown and during the coronavirus pandemic. Prepare for a bad day, no matter how tough things are or even if you are in a tight spot. Commit to a budget and start saving now. Have at least 3-6 months’ worth of your living expenses saved up somewhere. This alleviates the pressure and stress when the economy goes through a tough time.

Build a network

Knowing a person who knows a person might be how you land a client. With the Lockdown, people’s comfort level has increased in remote working, making it easy for freelancers to network with other professionals and prospects all over the world. Establish a network and expand it. Utilize social media platforms to showcase your work and connect with others.

Establish an “Iron-Clad” Reputation

Having a good reputation, credibility, and a proven track record is priceless in the freelancer’s world. This is a tough time, and clients have to justify every dollar they spend. Do outstanding work and deliver excellent results. Build a stellar reputation and make your work and values known well in the digital world. Ask for client testimonials from your clients to help attract others. They can share your profile on freelancer platforms, post recommendations on your LinkedIn profile, and so forth.

As a freelancer, focus on your strong points and how to retain your current customers. Deliver outstanding results and exceed your client’s reputation all the time. This helps you retain the clients even during these hard pandemic times.