How Successful Freelancers Think

How Successful Freelancers Think

Although no two freelancers or business owners are alike, the best and most prosperous ones do have several traits in common. Some of the most crucial traits include the capacity for working hard, being professional, having good communication skills (both written and spoken), tenacity, passion, self-discipline, and initiative.

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Successful freelancers think and act like entrepreneurs. As a business owner, you need to possess a few personality traits that will help you attract and retain customers while successfully managing your finances and concentrating on growing your business. What attributes do successful freelancers and businesspeople possess? Beyond marketable skills, what else do freelancers and business owners have in common? 

In this article, we will discuss how successful freelancers think and the traits they share with other successful business owners. You don't have to be an expert at all of the things mentioned here to be actually successful in your career as a freelancer. 

However, if you want to create a long-lasting business and offer genuine value to your customers, in this case: your clients, you do need to learn to overcome your weaknesses. Here are the characteristics that set the top freelancers apart from the rest, and guides their everyday thought processes. 


An excellent freelancer is always upbeat, cheerful and consistent. Although the life of a freelancer is by no means simple, there are enormous benefits to be had, and it's the perfect job for challenge seekers. Successful freelancers are very consistent. They show up everyday without excuses. They're always super serious about their business and are dedicated to their working schedule. It takes a lot of effort to run your own firm. 

So, unless you work in a highly lucrative industry and lead a very simple life, it's safe to assume that you'll be putting in a lot more than four hours per week at work Think twice if you believe starting your own business will be the cure-all for your job troubles. The entrepreneurial life will swiftly reveal itself to be an unachievable ideal if you're not willing to put in a lot of effort and consistency.

Discipline and Character

No one in life succeeds without self-discipline, same with freelancers. Because no one else is available to instill this discipline, business owners must be self-disciplined. Even if you don't enjoy your job, if you depend on your employer to give you a reprimand when you're not "in the mood" to work, it will be extremely difficult for you to work for yourself. 

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You'll have plenty of opportunities during the day to complete other things, such as housework, socializing, and internet browsing. To succeed as a freelancer, you must maintain your focus, set regular working hours and be disciplined enough to ensure you're productive during that time. 

Excellent Communication and Networking Skills

As entrepreneurs, freelancers also need to maintain frequent contact with their clients, peers, and the outside world. Even if you're not a freelance writer, you still need to be able to present yourself professionally over the phone, in person, and in writing.

Most clients have their own preference and will argue that it is the industry standard, therefore, you'll need to become proficient in a variety of communication tools. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, Miro, HubSpot, Slack, Skype, Trello, and a plethora of other services. 

Simply put - without proper communication, a firm cannot meet its objectives. Whether it takes the form of an offline or online activity, networking is crucial for any freelancer. Enthusiastically attend networking events, and have lots of your business cards with you. Online networking is also incredibly advantageous, particularly when done through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by blogging.


Everyday is different and unique for you as a freelancer. You may have heard the popular cliche that goes, "hey, as a freelancer you can do anything you want", but that's barely true. There will be times when you must get up at 6 am and work until 2 am to fulfill a promise. You will occasionally have to complete tedious, repetitive tasks as a component of a larger, more interesting endeavor. 

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Your projects' sizes and levels of complexity will vary greatly, just like your workload. To thrive, business owners too must adopt a flexible strategy. The only thing that matters to them is that you do the task; they could care less about your personal obligations, your personal life, or even the fact that you loathe working on a Monday. You must be willing to change, make adjustments and grow as a freelancer. 

Exceptional Time Management Skills

As entrepreneurs, freelancers learn to schedule their time and adhere to that schedule. They don't overcommit since they are aware of their capacity at any given time. It may be alluring to accept every order, but if you can't fulfill your obligations, you risk having no customers or clients at all. The life of a business owner includes learning to say "no." 

To succeed as a freelancer, you must manage your time ruthlessly. A competent freelancer will be able to give a general estimation of how long a task will take and will correctly track time spent on tasks to ensure they are paid fairly. Clients have deadlines, and if you miss them, you cost them money and make it very unlikely that they w ould want to deal with you again. 

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