How to Become a Freelance Travel Writer in 2023

How to Become a Freelance Travel Writer in 2023

Traveling and writing are two of the most exciting things in the world, and if you have a passion for both, becoming a freelance travel writer might be the perfect career path for you. As a travel writer, you can explore new destinations, meet new people, and share your experiences with readers from around the world. In this article, we will guide you on how to become a freelance travel writer, including what skills you need, how to build a portfolio, and how to find clients.

What Is a Freelance Travel Writer?

A freelance travel writer is someone who travels from place to place, writing articles, blogs, reviews, video scripts, or other digital or print content about the culture, food, music, art, environment, and other interesting aspects of a particular locale. Because travel writers aren’t anchored to any one location, they don’t need to adhere to normal expectations for work hours or settings. They can complete an assignment at 3 a.m. from the lobby of a London hostel, or while sipping their morning coffee on the coast of Maine.

Freelance travel writing is an occupation that balances freedom with the need to take personal responsibility. While freelance travel writers can create their own schedules, without the self-discipline to meet deadlines, they risk forfeiting future assignments. Though some travel writers may be staff members of a certain publication, travel writers are often their own bosses, and they need to be strict ones.

A freelance travel writer’s work can take many forms. They typically either write their own blog or work with an agency or directly with editors to publish their work online or in a magazine. In both cases, they must produce consistent quality content to build and maintain an audience.

Steps to Become a Freelance Travel Writer

If you were to ask two different freelance travel writers about their career beginnings, their answers would probably vary. However, there are certain accomplishments that they likely share. These shared milestones should serve as the starting point for any aspiring freelance travel writer.

Develop Solid Writing Skills

Having a firm grasp of logical and rhetorical writing is essential for becoming a successful professional writer. Even if a writer prefers an informal style, having a strong understanding of language fundamentals enables them to bend the rules more effectively and craft captivating prose. Pursuing education is a common approach for writers to improve their writing abilities. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in English or social sciences can equip aspiring writers with the research, critical thinking, and composition skills required for success.

Build a Portfolio

As a writer progresses in their career, they accumulate a body of work that they can present to potential clients as a portfolio. Novice travel writers often begin by starting small, such as creating a personal travel blog or taking on low-paying gigs through online job platforms like UpMyChain, all while building up their portfolio. Writing blogs and freelance assignments is excellent practice for mastering various writing styles and establishing a work routine, while also gathering evidence that the writer is capable of completing assignments. Such assignments, along with contributing to a local or college newspaper, can also assist students pursuing a degree in accumulating field experience.

Find an Audience

At a certain stage in their career, travel writers must pinpoint a specific audience to cater to. If they try to reach too broad of an audience, they may fail to appeal to their target market or lose their focus and expertise. Aspiring travel writers should pursue their passions and interests, even though they do not need to choose a niche right away. For instance, potential niches in travel writing could consist of Rocky Mountain adventure trips, cruise lines, or historical landmarks in South America. The possibilities for niches are endless.

Search for Clients

Unless freelance travel writer generates all of their income through monetizing their personal blog, they must locate clients to write for. They can earn money by writing for travel websites and magazines, guidebooks, or other blogs. Establishing a client list involves conducting online research to identify email contacts, attending networking events within the industry, or creating and maintaining relationships with individuals through job platforms like UpMyChain, among other tactics.

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Skills a Freelance Travel Writer Needs

Whether an individual is new to the craft of travel writing, or simply the freelance aspect of it, there are generally a few skills that a writer needs to make a name in the industry.

Willingness to Read

To excel in the craft of writing, a writer must have the willingness to learn from those who have come before them. This involves reading content that is similar to the material they aspire to write, as well as other genres of writing. Through reading, writers can gain an understanding of what constitutes good writing.


As a writer hones their craft, their imagination will flourish. Creative writers stand out from their contemporaries by capturing concepts or experiences in unique and unconventional manners.

Writing with a Distinct Voice

As a writer, it is essential to develop a unique writing voice that reflects your personality and style. This involves selecting specific words, phrases, and writing styles that help to convey your message effectively. Depending on the freelance writing project, you may need to adapt your voice to match an established brand or create a new voice that is entirely your own.

Personal Accountability

Freelance travel writers must be self-motivated and responsible for managing their workload and meeting deadlines as they don't have a boss or a fixed schedule. Effective communication is also crucial for them to convey any changes, clarify doubts, or provide necessary information to complete their assignments. Failure to meet deadlines can have a detrimental impact on a freelance travel writer's professional reputation and career prospects.

Finding Freelance Travel Writer Clients on UpMyChain

 UpMyChain is a great platform for freelance travel writers to find clients who are looking for high-quality content for their websites or blogs. As a travel writer, you can showcase your skills and experience on your UpMyChain profile, which can attract potential clients who are searching for writers with specific expertise in certain destinations or types of travel. To find freelance travel writing clients on UpMyChain, you can browse through the job postings and proposals from clients who are seeking travel writers. You can also use the search function to find relevant job postings and submit proposals that demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and your ability to create engaging content that will captivate the reader. With UpMyChain, you can build your reputation as a freelance travel writer and connect with clients who are passionate about travel and appreciate high-quality writing. 

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In conclusion, becoming a freelance travel writer requires a combination of writing skills, a strong portfolio, niche expertise, networking and pitching, and business knowledge. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can develop your skills, build your portfolio, and find clients who are interested in your unique perspective on travel.

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  • 1. Develop Solid Writing Skills
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  • 3. Find an Audience
  • 4. Search for Clients
  • Skills a Freelance Travel Writer Needs
  • 1. Willingness to Read
  • 2. Creativity
  • 3. Writing with a Distinct Voice
  • 4. Personal Accountability
  • Finding Freelance Travel Writer Clients on UpMyChain
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