How to Find Jobs Easily as a Freelancer

How to Find Jobs Easily as a Freelancer

Are you just starting your freelancing career or want to learn how to increase your ROI and conversion rates as a freelancer? If you are reading this right now, chances are that you are looking for the easiest ways to land freelance jobs online. You are on the right track!

According to recent reports by reputable organizations like Freelancers Union, more and more people are relying on freelance jobs and work from home jobs as a source of income. In 2019 alone, about 57.3 million people have taken their freelance career as a full-time business. A freelance profession may be the right fit for people who appreciate having complete control over their employment and want a lot of variety in their workdays.

If you've opted to look for freelance work online, you'll likely need to take a different strategy than those looking for regular 9-5 jobs. In this article, we will highlight how you can find jobs easily as a freelancer and also unveil how you can maximize job-search approaches that will enable you to net more jobs - which means more pay! 

So, let's get down to business. 

How can you find jobs easily as a freelancer? 

Finding jobs as a freelancer is easy if you maximize the approaches discussed in this article. The catch is that you have to quit thinking like an employee who enjoys financial and job security, while bearing little to no risks. You need to have the freelancer mindsetThis will help you understand and accept that freelancing is an effort-based economy, so you only earn when you work. No work, no pay. It is as simple as that. You can read more about this here

Sometimes, you could get overloaded with work as a freelancer. Other times, work may be scarce. However, there is a way out. To get freelance jobs easily, consider the following strategies below. 

1. Ask for Testimonials

A remarkable way to get more clients and more jobs that is sometimes ignored is asking for references, feedback, ratings or testimonials after successfully completing every milestone or project. It might seem embarrassing to request one. However, since people are increasingly rating everything, it may not be as intrusive as you think.

It is also a technique for you to show that you're competent in your field and industry. You may argue that clients' rating do not define your skill sets, or maybe that this approach is relative. That's fine, but remember that nothing says more about your expertise than a delighted customer. 

2. Own and Use a Professional Website

A very simple and easy-to-understand website with legible text fonts that lists the services you provide to clients is a good place to showcase your skills and testimonials. Although most builders of websites today make it really simple to get a unique website up and running, you may decide that this is not the best option for you. You still need to make the right decisions and keep the information updated on a regular basis.

To find freelance work, no matter what sector or industry you're in, begin by creating a website to promote your abilities, experience, and achievements. It doesn't have to contain a lot of content or have amazing videos (unless that's your field). Your website should contain an About page, Projects page, Testimonials page, and a Contact Me page. 

3. Expand Your Network with Clients, Colleagues and Other People in Your Industry

Use your previous jobs and contacts of professional clients to expand your network. Consider your network as a foundation on which you can construct future opportunities as you develop your freelancing career. Making and keeping contacts with potential clients in your chosen industry is a good networking strategy that can lead to some better opportunities for you.

Finding and joining trade and industry organizations where you may meet like-minded people is a terrific method to do so. Attending social functions such as conferences and activities organized by third-party professional organizations in your sector, industry or field will go a long way to help you expand your network.

When it comes to defining your network and who's in it, don't put any restrictions on yourself; contacts for future freelancing projects can range from friends, former professional colleagues to even your relatives. These are the major channels you need for recommendation.  

4. Leverage Social Media

The great majority of businesses now use social media platforms to recruit new personnel. If that's where the recruiting/hiring managers are, it's only natural that you should be there as well. Social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can benefit freelancers greatly. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start.

Reach out to your connections, connect with more people and publish posts consistently while using relevant hashtags. Begin with a very strong summary. This is significant for a few reasons. When someone visits your profile, they will foremost see the summary. Take the time to explain why you are the best candidate for the job. What makes you so qualified for the project or job?

Note that the more the relevance of keywords you use in your summary, the better your chances of being found in search. Finally, you can also add some media presentations to your profile to make it more interesting. Ensure to add some samples to verify you have the talents you claim to have, whether it's a link to a content or a static image you produced for a client in previous projects you handled. 

5. Join Different Freelance Platforms 

You may have already heard the popular saying, "do not put your eggs in one basket". The reality in this statement cannot be overemphasized. Most of your time will be spent looking for projects and gigs as a freelancer. If you are yet to join a freelance websiteUpMyChain is the best freelance marketplace to look for and find freelance gigs! While there are many other websites available such as Upwork, Truelancer and Freelancer, it is advisable to join the best platforms that fit your job search strategy. 

UpMyChain ensures you secure jobs free of scams and dubious offers - which is one of the most difficult aspects of obtaining freelance work. This is possible on UpMyChain through a vetting process, whereby job posts created by employers pass through a severe screening process before being published on the website. You can also read more about the most popular freelancing scams in 2022 to learn more insights concerning the issue of scam jobs online. 

The legitimacy of projects is tracked, confirmed and maintained accurately using this vetting approach. Of course, this enables UpMyChain management to fight off scammers on the platform. Freelancers on UpMyChain enjoy an open atmosphere where they are sure to find only legit projects to bid for and also meet amazing clients from across the globe. To understand how the platform works better, read more about how freelancers get paid on UpMyChain.

6. Send Cold Emails

Do you think that establishment, business, company, or startup could use your help as a skilled professional? Well, why not send an email to them? Emailing or texting, potential prospects to sell your services is known as cold pitching. You must be selective and personal in your emails to make it worthwhile. Customize your email so they know you've done your homework properly and genuinely want to assist them, not otherwise.

The clients you will send your cold emails to will detect if you're just blasting emails out to a large number of people, just as easy as they can tell if you're applying for a regular job. Research firms, do your homework and only contact those clients you truly want to work for and believe your talents would be a good fit for. Potential clients look out for qualified candidates every day. Show that you are the best fit for the job by being very sincere in your cold email strategy. 

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