How To Find Your Ideal Freelance Niche

How To Find Your Ideal Freelance Niche

Whether you're a writer, virtual assistant, designer or programmer, the first thing you need to discover before selling your skills to clients and offering services online is your niche. Knowing where you fit in and using that reality to solve problems for clients will help you become a fulfilled expert and the highest priority for any position or job in your chosen field or profession. 

As a freelancer, you work as a professional helping different clients from across the globe meet their various business needs. There's a popular saying that emphasizes why mastering just one trade is better than being a Jack of all trades. This explains why discovering the ideal freelance niche is super important for your career in the long run. If you're looking to earn more as a freelancer but have sincere doubts about whether or not you're in the right niche, this article is for you. 

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Indeed, an ideal niche can have a significant impact in your freelance career. Discovering your ideal niche is the best way to take your freelance business to another level. But, how do you do it? How do you get started? Like, how exactly is it possible to find the right freelance niche? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here is a list of ideas to help you discover your strengths and find the ideal freelance niche that works best for you.

1. Do Some Research About The Market

Yes, this is very important. You don't want to kick off with just about any niche that comes your way. Be intentional about your choice of a niche and study the market to find out if it is lucrative and has a potential for long term demand. Doing some research about niches within your industry or field is a great way to get started.

You need to be in the know about what skills are trending and which niche they fall in. Also, ensure that you make research while considering long-term viability. Say, 5-10 years. Studying the market will help you identify which freelance niche meets your expectations in the long term, while also enabling you to discover where your true strengths lie.

2. Niche Down

You may have experimented with a lot of stuff in the past, which you felt had some long term potential and profitability. Trying out a lot of stuff is a cool way to start your journey before identifying where your strengths lie.

Although it is very advisable to follow your passion, you may be faced by a lot of difficulties if you stick to that lane. Freelance work is very flexible, so you might want to consider niching down. Yes, you're good at having general knowledge. Yes, you're a guru at being yourself. 

However, this is the freelance space. Here, things don't always go down as planned. In fact, you may face a lot of ups and downs in your freelance career. We're here to help you make better choices by the way.

First, you've got to understand the impact of niching down to your success as a freelancer. Niching down helps you solve 80% of the problems you may face in the future when deciding on which career path to follow. 

For example, let's assume that you're a writer. Writers help business owners create engaging content for the purpose of sharing information and making some profit by doing so. There are lots of writers out there, but to stand out, niching down means deciding to specialize as a medical writer or legal writer. 

As a medical writer, you're mostly interested in writing medical-related contents and vice versa. Specialization is a great way to niche down. Identify an industry and decide where you fit in the most. That's your niche.

Furthermore, narrow down your interest to include specific roles within that industry. The example above explains all that you need to know about niching down. Other notable examples include working as a sales copywriter, business analyst, Discord community manager, or email marketer. 

3. Go Professional 

So, you've found a suitable niche. However, that's not the end of the road. There's still a 70% chance that all you know about your chosen niche is broad and unspecialized. While this is not much of a bad position to be in as a beginner freelancer, it may have a very negative impact on your career in the long run.

Put simply, being an expert gives you an edge over the competition you will likely face in your career as a freelancer. Having a broad knowledge about your chosen niche will help you get started, but you still need to become an expert. 

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Try not to settle for less. Go the extra mile. To be the best, you have to know more than the rest. This is why we advise you to consider going professional in your chosen niche. 

Consider going professional by taking courses, attending conferences and showing up in business seminars to help you understand the industry better before diving in as a full-time freelancer.

Read articles and books in that industry, stay updated with the latest trends, and gain valuable insights by following notable individuals who have had proven success in that field over the years.

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