How to Start Freelancing Business in Nigeria Without Spending a Dime

How to Start Freelancing Business in Nigeria Without Spending a Dime

Are you looking for an online job to do in Nigeria to make a living? Do you know that you can make money as a student in Nigeria by learning how to start a freelance business Without Spending a Kobo? If you're ready to become a freelancer, then, yes you can start your career as a freelancer on UpMyChain today.

There is no perfect online business like selling your skills at your own convenient time and earning cool cash as a freelancer. Being a Nigerian does not limit you from earning dollars from clients worldwide but the issue here is how you start the business yourself. Trying to start a freelance business in Nigeria is one of the most difficult parts that most students experience before getting clients to work with as there are many obstacles in their way of earning money online. It comes with ups and downs, and stiff competition because of the high traffic in popular freelance platforms. Freelancing is a good supportive business that people are investing their time in as it is categorized as one of the most revolutionary concepts in the business economy today. The only jobs you can find in Nigeria are those 8-to-6 office jobs that will take your time and make you get low cash at the end of the month. Normally, freelancing is not easy but at least freelancing exposes you as a student to many opportunities worldwide and makes you achieve the goals you probably wouldn't have dreamed of. Hard work is the only work that pays in Nigeria and not smart work. That seems to be funny right? Yes. Because for you to own a business in Nigeria, it requires a huge amount of money to start anything. If you're a Nigerian and you are reading this article, I know you might feel like quitting after reading the first paragraph, worry less! I'm here to teach you how you can start a freelance business and connect with prospective clients.

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People normally say you have to spend money to make money. Is this true? Oh! It's just a well-known idiom. As a beginner freelancer that wants to become a business owner, whether a freelance writer, graphic designer, web developer, Virtual assistant, and many more, you can set up your freelancing business and start feeding your family with this business as long as you have a perfect skill that clients want. The truth is, you don't need to spend a single dime to start your freelance career if you have all the tools to attract clients. Starting a freelance business in Nigeria is very difficult, but if you can read this guide, it will be easy for you as a freelancer to start this small business that doesn't require money to start.

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To start a freelance business in Nigeria, here are some tips to help you be your own boss:

Create a Strategic Plan

Before you start a freelance business, you need to have a good measure of how you can avoid distractions. Starting freelancing requires adequate planning because you cannot be going to 8-to-7 office work and still be freelancing. It's impossible. Some people fail due to a lack of planning before starting a business and this is the exact thing newbies don't know. We all know that there's time for everything, as a beginner you need to plan your time and decide whether you're starting as a full-time or part-time freelancer because 'If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!'

Choose your field (s)

Before starting a freelance business in Nigeria, you must know where you belong and choose your field as a freelancer. It's impossible to start this business without choosing any field because this is the exact system that will specialize where you belong to. There are many freelance services that people provide to earn, services as Freelance Writing, Translation, Digital Marketing, App Development, Programming, Graphic Design, Database Management, Marketing via online platforms, and others.

Before you can start freelancing, you need to choose a marketable skill. You can only be a successful freelancer only if you select the perfect skill that best fits you because the main purpose for doing this freelance business is to make a profit and become your own boss.

Select available platforms

Starting a freelance business without getting a reliable platform is like wasting time. If you are a Nigerian and you want to start freelancing, there are several freelance platforms that you can use to showcase your skills and start earning online with your preferred payment method. You can start your career as a freelancer on platforms like UpMyChain, Upwork, Freelancer, and many more.

These freelance platforms are the popular platforms that newbie and professional freelancers use mostly to get hired by international clients. As a newbie, it will be better if you can choose UpMyChain to start your business and start earning thousands of dollars from the freelancing platform. The only thing you need to do here is to familiarize yourself with this platform's terms and conditions.

Sharpen your skill

So you’ve chosen your field, and the next step is to sharpen your skills. Being a Nigerian does not mean you cannot work with international clients, but if you are not smart enough, you might end up wasting your bids. The skill starts with freelance proposal formation. If you're a beginner and don't know how to write a good proposal, then it will be difficult for you to win your first job as you're bidding against other freelancers in different parts of the world. As a freelancer, you're expected to grow, develop your skills, and train yourself each day because those that sharpen their tools hit the ground quickly.

In conclusion, these tips are the best tips to follow if you're a Nigerian who wants to start freelancing. You can start your freelance career on UpMyChain and stop that 7-to-6 office work.

Easy Answers:

1. Create a Strategic Plan

2. Choose your field (s)

3. Select the available platform

4. Sharpen your skill

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