How UpMyChain Freelance Marketplace Works

How UpMyChain Freelance Marketplace Works

The thought of people working from home in different time zones and with their set availability has led to the emergence of many things. This includes freelance market places which help to connect service providers and employers. A freelance marketplace can be termed as a well-designed avenue that helps to link freelancers and clients. The freelance marketplace, which is usually a website, is designed to align the freelancer’s profile and jobs posted by the client. Upmychain is among the leading freelance marketplaces, a great avenue for many people to earn income. Check out below how the freelance marketplace works.

How is Upmychain structured?

Upmychain has a catalog that displays your profile; this includes your details, your contracts as well as earnings. On the other hand, a display of jobs that you might be interested in is properly laid out. Upmychain offers jobs from clients in different parts of the world as well as different subjects.

Profile creation

Just like any other marketplace, Upmychain requires you to register on your preferred intentions on their site; this means that you can either create a profile as a client or a freelancer. Basic information about you should be provided when creating the profile; this includes;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Locality

All these details should be carefully provided to ensure that your identity is authentic and favorable to different types of tasks. Your profile should also include your past working history, projects that you have handled before, as well as your subjects of interest. Remember, the kind of skills you update to bear on the site determine the types of jobs posted on your account. It is wise for a freelancer to key in more than enough skills, and you can even provide skills related to the type of specialty you are in. Most employers prefer going for all-around freelancers, so ensure that you have something else to offer other than what is listed.

Availability of services to clients

Upmychain is a freelance marketplace that works with freelancers from all over the world, and this is a basic requirement that clients consider for various reasons. This includes their language, time zone, and popularity they may have regarding the services they offer. It is believed that there are freelancers from a particular geographical; location that tends to offer low charges compared to others. However, employers need to focus more on what the freelancer has to offer other than their charges.

Securing a project on Upmychain

Your effort and consistency are what determine your progress and success on Upmychain. This means that you have to create a job offer and showcase your ability to handle the job. When the employer is interested in your gig, this may be from any field, and they go through your profile to make sure that you are the right choice for them. After the client shows interest in working with you, they hire you and are required to agree to a contract provided by Upmychain. This document governs both the freelancer and the employer. Breaking the terms issued on this document would lead to penalties and even termination of the account. Upmychain protects the transactions between the freelancer and the client. This is done by depositing funds into an escrow account, and the site releases payment after the work is completed. The freelance is required to discuss with the employer on terms of payment; some prefer to be paid in milestones while others prefer payment after completion of the project.

Upmychain is among the best-doing freelance marketplaces, and several people are making a livelihood from this site. It takes packaging yourself best as a freelancer to attract quality clients and payment.