Which is Better Freelance or Full-Time Employment

Which is Better Freelance or Full-Time Employment

Which is Better Freelance or Full-Time Employment

I am going to be discussing this topic based on the following points Money, Growth, Clients, Flexibility, Comfort, Security, and Work hours.


Let’s talk about money which is a huge motivating factor. Where would you make more money, in freelancing or full-time? In freelancing you sure have more potentials to make more money although you may earn little at the start of your career your potential for growth is unlimited, the more you stay in freelancing the more you grow. If you put in more and improve the quality of your services you can get more clients and that means more money, on the other hand, a worker isn’t really in control of how much they make that is solely at the discretion of the company, as a worker you cannot improve the money you earn that’s at the discretion of your company as well. When it comes to money though it may start slow, you have a better chance of making good money when working online.


Potential for Growth

Let's talk about growth potential both as a freelancer and as an employee, as a freelancer you are self employed right? You make your rules and of course, you would make rules that would be best for you to enhance your career growth, you had one goal when you chose to become a freelancer and that goal is to improve yourself and get to the peak of your career, you use all of your time, energy, and resources to achieve your goal. As an employee, you serve a company and the goal of the company isn't to enhance your growth, using your time and resources to help the company achieve its goals is what you are being paid for, and as an employee that is what you are expected to do. So it is safe to say you have more potential of getting to the top of your career as a freelancer.


In both freelancing and full-time employment you have to engage with clients, you have to deal with clients because that is where the money comes from. In freelancing you get to pick your client because you work for yourself, you get to choose the client you would rather engage with and make them an offer if need be, you can choose clients based on any reason you have, but working with clients as a full-time employee is a bit different, first you don’t have to choose the client your company does that for you any revolt from you may be seen as a ploy to sabotage the company.

Another thing about clients in freelancing is, you are open to working for diverse clients from any part of the world whereas when you are a worker under someone you are not so sure of that.


In terms of flexibility, freelancing is better because you work with your own rules you can operate anywhere you want and at any time you want so long as you keep to deadlines. You can choose to go on a vacation anytime and even function while on vacation, there are no rules governing how, when, or where you operate from so long as you can deliver on time. However for workers there are company rules that dictate how your duties should go, where, when, and how you should operate are all stated in the company rule, so you would be more flexible as a freelancer, you would have time for yourself, you would have time for friends and family.


Which would be more comfortable? Because you choose where you operate from, freelancing is more comfortable. Online job allows you to work from home so you don't have to be involved in the morning rush to the office, you don't have to commute and you don't have to close late, if you do online jobs the internet is your office so you can function from anywhere that's comfortable for you. However, as a worker, you would not have the luxury of working from anywhere, except with special permission all work is usually done in the office. you also do not have the luxury of working anytime you want as your job hours would be fixed by your company and you would have to commute.


Let's talk about job security, where are you more at risk of losing your job as a freelancer or as a worker? In freelancing, you can have multiple clients you offer services to, so even if one stops giving you a job for any reason, you still have other clients that you can still work for so you still have other sources of income. But as an employee you have just one source of income, which is the office you work for, if for any reason you can no longer be with them or you are fired you don't have any other source of income, so yeah being a full-time employee is way less secure than working online.

Working Hours

As a freelancer your work hours depend on you, it can be a bit longer or shorter depending on how much you have accepted to do, since freelancing gives you flexibility, you can choose your work hours, but as a staff in an establishment you don't get to choose your work hours, the company does that for you, most establishments open 9 to 5 excluding weekends and you are expected to adhere to the rule.

In conclusion, working from home obviously has a lot more benefits than being employed in an establishment but don't just turn in your resignation letter in your place of work just yet, at the beginning of your freelance career it would be good to keep your day job until your freelance career can take care of your bills, you can find freelance jobs at upmychain.com, I hope this article was able to enlighten you.

Easy Answers;

1. Money

2. Growth

3. Clients

4. Flexibility

5. Comfort

6. Security

7. Work hours

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