Experienced YouTube Influencer needed for collaboration. (300K SUB minimum)

  • Medium Level
  • image France
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: Less than a week

Project Detail

Experienced YouTube Influencer needed for collaboration.

Influencer will carryout the task of explaining the whole freelance journey in UpMyChain - from placing bids, hiring, discussing in the workstream, job completion, review and withdrawal to final payout.

Please Note:

I. Influencer shall explain each of these processes in detail in a 10 minutes dedicated video.

II. No stage will be left unexplained.

III. Payment for this project will only be released when the video has been published and listed (or made public) on YouTube.

IV. Any stage mentioned above that is skipped shall lead to no payment.

V. Special attention is required when explaining the withdrawal process from TrustShare on UpMyChain. This task is of high priority and should be taken seriously.

VI. The influencer shall have 300k-5M subscribers.

VII. The best candidate should be able to pay quality attention to detail and also able to use initiative to solve everyday problems.

Start your proposal with "UPMYCHAIN" so that I'll know that you have read and understood this job description.

Good luck!


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