UMC Enhancement 12022022

  • Medium Level
  • image France
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: Less than a month


Project Detail

47. To add Hire again button 244.8
54. to add red dot on the ongoing work line dashboard when something been posted in the workstream $10.00
59. OTP LOGIN ADMIN + OTP manage users $85.00
64. to add permanent UMC message in all message box for all users: $17.00
65. to add double decimal valus in credit/debit in manage users/admin panel (0,00) $10.00
66. credit debit royalty wallet balance in admin panel (including double decimal 0,00) $10.00
72. To add the mention "HT" from everywhere at side of all prices diplayed in € e.g 88€ HT for all french & monaco user/PRO $68.00
73. to add the option in billing deatil to upload the certificat of registration of company for all user PRO. mandatory requirement. $50.00
74. CLIENTS PAYMENT tracking 163.2
75. to block all payment when UMC has been switched in test mode on Stripe or Paypal $34.00

Skills Required