UMC JOB: To Post 10 New Real Services On Upmychain.Com

  • Basic Level
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: Less than a month

Project Detail

Ref: 16847

To post 10 New Real services For Upmychain.Com By Using Your Own "Refer & Earn" Team.

1- The real services will be posted only by your Refer & Earn Team 

2- Your Refer & Earn Team is located here: 

3- The real services posted will be counted only from here: 

4- Maximum 5 services posted per freelancer


Attention: All new Services will be controlled & validated by admin.

All fake Services created will get deleted & its profil banned according Terms & condition of


What's a validated Service:

- A service with all content, photos & description, ready to buy

- A service with freelancer profile photo loaded & profile description written


Note: According the program Refer & Earn, you will able to earn 25% of the Upmychain's comission on each

services completed by a member of your refer & earn team. It means the reliability & authenticity of services posted matters.



This task must be done only according your Refer & Earn team

This task must respect Refer & Earn terms & condition & terms & conditions of Upmychain

The services must be reliable & authentic, ready to buy it.


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