UMC Membership Unlock 1 year of prime membership

Exchange Thousands of Services for the Cost of One

Unlocking the Lifestyle Benefits of Freelancing

Get Flexibility, Achieve Work-Life Harmony, and Design Your Ideal Lifestyle as a Freelancer.

Skill-Based Progression

Earn UMCPs by showcasing your skills and completing tasks, encouraging skill development and professional growth through the "Loyalty Worker Score" program.

Gamified Experience

Points-based transactions add a gamification aspect to the platform, making the work more engaging and rewarding.

Reduced Financial Pressures

Working with points instead of money can alleviate the stress associated with financial transactions, focusing more on skill and service exchange.

Community Building

Earn and spend points within a community, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support among users.

Membership benefits

Unlock all features with membership, enabling complete utilization of UpMyChain's capabilities.
Receive 5000 UpMyChain Points upon membership, usable for various platform transactions.
Keep accumulated UMCPs even after the membership period ends, available for use upon renewal.
Benefit from no additional charges for internal transactions, ensuring a cost-effective platform experience.
Gain a unique badge on your profile, enhancing visibility and credibility within the UpMyChain community.
Earn extra UMCPs by referring new users, expanding your network and enhancing your platform experience.

Effortless Point-Based Advantages

Streamlined Transactions

Swap the complexity of money handling for simple point exchanges, saving time and hassle in every deal.

Rapid Skill Growth

Earn points by applying your expertise, accelerating your professional development with every task you complete.

Instant Recognition

Points immediately reflect your contributions and achievements, offering quick and clear validation of your skills and efforts.

Focus on Experience

Shift your attention from financial negotiations to gaining valuable experience and refining your abilities.

Easy Engagement

Engage effortlessly in a diverse range of activities on UpMyChain, enhancing your portfolio without monetary constraints.

Build a Robust Network

Exchange points to collaborate and connect with peers, expanding your professional network efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions about the membership that are not mentioned here, please visit our FAQ page

UpMyChain is a digital platform connecting employers with freelancers, utilizing a unique points system (UMCP) for transactions and services.

Simply visit the UpMyChain website, choose your account type (employer or freelancer), and follow the prompts to set up your account.

UMCPs are earned through platform activities like completing jobs and can be used for accessing services and features on UpMyChain.

The membership offers full platform access and additional UMCPs on an annual basis, enhancing your UpMyChain experience.

Users can report suspicious activities; flagged profiles are marked with a 'Scammer' alert to warn others, enhancing platform security

UMCPs are exclusive to UpMyChain and cannot be converted into cash or other currencies, reinforcing their unique platform value.

UpMyChain provides comprehensive customer support and resources accessible through their website for any assistance or queries.

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