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Dave Patrick Lomboy

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Image/Video Annotation | Data Labeling | Data Entry

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I am a data annotation enthusiast. I am knowledgeable in polygon annotation, cuboid annotation, street annotation, segmentation, product categorization, and a freelance LiDar Light Detection ranging self-driving cars, image, and video annotator/reviewer.

I have experience using tools: CVAT, LabelMe, LabelImg, Labelbox, VoTT, Coco, VIA, Roboflow, Supervisely, SuperAnnotate, GT Studio, V7labs, Amazon SageMaker, Dataloop Platform, and other web-based tools.
Output: .JSON, .CSV, .TXT, .XML

I am hardworking, keen on details, and can follow instructions quickly. I can work with a high degree of accuracy and can deliver on time.


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