5 Facts About Impact Of Freelance Everyone Should Know

5 Facts About Impact Of Freelance Everyone Should Know

Do you ever imagine the impact freelance has had in our world today? If yes, what visible impact can you point to?

You will agree with me that the world is evolving and technological advancement has brought so many changes. Before now, there's absolutely no way you could earn a living without having to leave your home in search of jobs. When you eventually find one, you'd have to continue leaving your home to go and get this job done. Your employer ensures they use as much of your time as they can. You are left drained and tired after every day's job. This has been the norm from immemorial and nobody has ever tried to question this. By default, only jobless people are assumed to stay at home during the day. As a result of this, people accept just any available job so as to leave the house every day just so they are not labelled jobless and idle. Infact, people had to come up with a saying that an idle man is the devil's workshop. How do they define an idle man? Provided you don't leave the house every day to go to an imaginary job, then you are idle to them. This mindset created a monster where people would rather go for a job that gives no return at the end of the day than stay at home. Many parents become distant from their children because they have to rush out every morning and return late in the night when the kids are fast asleep. Spouses stopped having quality time for each other and the life span of individuals dropped drastically. This system made life brutish and crude but today, freelance has changed the narrative with the help of technology. Initially, employer's preferred to have workers come to work and get jobs done with the help of technology. This helped to an extent but has become quite demanding and time consuming. It still didn't solve the problem. People started experimenting with the idea of having to actually carry out these jobs from home. It wasn't easily acceptable for most employers initially and many kicked against it. Then came the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 made people realize that they could actually be very productive from the comfort of their homes. Most organizations adopted the work from home system and it worked perfectly well. This therefore helped to make the idea of working from home generally acceptable. Freelance Individualists became sought-after as firms became more and more interested in engaging them. This redefined the ideology of work. It has become acceptable now that people who work from home are not necessarily idle. It's now a norm as more people are trooping into freelance. Let's examine five facts about the impact of freelance you should know. 

1. Family Relationships

In every sense of the word, freelance has helped in bringing families together and promoting family time. The fact that a freelancer works from home means they are now able to spend more time with spouses, children and other important family members. Freelance has reduced the problem of parents becoming too distant from their children and vice versa. As a freelancer, you get ample opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. This is possible because you work from home and you are solely in charge of your time. You decide how to manage your time and follow it up accordingly. You know when to work and when to relax. This increases the time people spend with their loved ones thereby improving family relationships.

Freelance has helped reignite family bonds and ensured that people no longer stay so far away from their loved ones often. The impact of freelance on family life cannot be overemphasized as can be evident on increased bond between spouses, parents and children and other family units. Without freelance, most families were merely existing together. There was neither quality time nor quality attention. In this era of working from home through freelance, time and attention have become easily accessible and increased also in quality. You can make out time for those you call family and still get your jobs. Life has never been this fun, better and interesting.

2. Increased Life Span

Freelance gives you time to engage in exercises like running, jogging and others. As a freelancer you can go for regular gyming, body massage and other pastimes like wine tasting. Freelance also allows you to eat whenever you want, have enough rest and sleep. As a freelancer you can always attend functions, travel when you want to and even go for other fun activities. All these are possible because a freelancer works from home and has absolute control over his time and activities. What happens when you are able to enjoy all this? You begin to look younger, stay healthier and happier which will make translate into increased lifespan. Freelance has become more than a means of making money. It is now a healthy way of living. Freelance has helped to reshape our lifestyle today. We now have enough time to rest, relax, sleep, have fun and meet people while at the same time making enough money for survival. This is an undeniable impact of freelance in our world today.

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3. Convenience And Productivity

Freelance has made work easier and faster. Through freelance, you get to enjoy a very high level of convenience and comfort in getting jobs done. When you are able to comfortably and conveniently carry out any job or service, you'd end up becoming more and more productive. Freelance has made this possible. Freelancing is the most convenient method of work and it has ensured that people have enough time to take good care of themselves and also improve their skills. A freelancer can easily become a better writer compared to another writer who's doing physical jobs. A freelancer has every opportunity and tool to learn new skills and improve on already existing ones. This makes them more productive and effective in getting jobs done unlike what is obtainable in physical 9-5 jobs.

4. Job Satisfaction

What is more beautiful than being happy and satisfied with what you do? Nothing absolutely! Freelance is one profession that makes you feel every form of happiness and satisfaction in doing what you love. Most employees are bitter and angry because of the extreme work conditions they are subjected to and they cannot do anything about it. They just keep working to make ends meet but deep down, they are unsatisfied and unhappy. Freelance gives you enough financial freedom while you are totally happy and satisfied with what you do at the same time. That's freelance for you. If you want to enjoy your freelance journey, then join UpMyChain.com. UpMyChain is the best freelance platform available today.

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5. Variety

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Freelance offers one the opportunity to get involved and master different arts and skills. Freelance will help you learn how to use certain advanced technological tools, expose you to new innovations and inventions. As a freelancer, you have every opportunity and the rare privilege of moving from one skill to another. You can be a writer today and tomorrow you'd decide to go into digital marketing. Freelance makes that possible. The impact of freelance has led to the emergence of highly technical and techsmart individuals. It has produced fast and vast thinkers. Freelance has redefined a lot of things.

Easy Answers

  1. Family relationships
  2. Increased lifespan
  3. Convenience and productivity
  4. Job satisfaction
  5. Variety

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